ALOMA Summer Camp 2019 info

Dates and Age Groups 

Theme and pricing to be announced 

Mini camp 1st-3rd – This half week is built for the first time camper ! It is a great way to for you and your camper to get a taste of what being away from each other is really like.

Explorer Camp  3rd-4th – This age group can stay a full week of camp . They can start learning activities like archery and rock climbing , but can not participate in canoeing or wire courses just yet.

Pioneer Camp 5th-6th- This age group can stay a full week of camp . This age group is also able to canoe and participate in our wire courses.

JR High 7th-9th- This age group can stay a full week of camp . This age group is also able to canoe and participate in our wire courses.

High School Camp 9th-12th  – This age group can stay a full week of camp . This age group is also able to canoe and participate in our wire courses. The high school crew also typically travels to a part of Arizona for a off camp field trip!

JS Training 10th   – This our teen volunteer program !Your teen will spend the week learning camp policies , cleaning protocol and how to work with children.

Summer Dates :

Week 1 June 2nd-7th: Explorer , Pioneer, JR High , & JS Training

Week 2 June 9th-14th: Mini camp (10th-13th) Eplorer, Pioneer, JR High

Week 3 June 16th-21st: Pioneer(4th-5th), JR High(6th-8th), High School(9th-12th)

Week 4 June 23rd-28th : Explorer, Pioneer,&JR High

Week 5 June 30th-July 5th: Explorer, Pioneer, JR High & JS Training

Week 6 July 7th-12th: Mini (1st-3rd , 7th-10th), Explorer, Pioneer, JR High

Week 7 July 14th-19th: Explorer, Pioneer,&JR High

Week 8 July 21st-26th:Explorer, Pioneer, & JR High


Need Financial Aid? Email us at 

Need a list to double check your bag?:



___ Sleeping bag (you can also bring sheets for a twin but highly recommend sleeping for campouts!)

___Pillow (extra blanket if you want)

___Towel, wash cloth, Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash

___ Tooth brush, tooth paste

___ Appropriate summer clothes (appropriate meaning no spaghetti straps, short shorts, and low cut tops or crop tops) long sleeves, pants, for nights.

___ Bring clothes you don’t mind if they get dirty or accidentally  ruined.

___Closed toed shoes, sandals only for shower.

___ Bag for dirty clothes /wet towel

___ WATER BOTTLE!!!!!!!

___Chap stick


___ Any medications

___ Money for canteen

___ Do not bring cell phones, tablets, laptops or any other electrical devices. (there is no service anyways)

___ No extra food/drink unless needed for medical reasons (which will then be stored in camps kitchen and given when necessary)




 Camp ALOMA offers transportation for those who would like to take the bus up to camp.

ALOMA offers round-trip transportation to and from camp for every full-week of camp that we offer. Transportation is offered from the Phoenix area only. Round-Trip transportation is not offered for Mini Camp. We do have limited space, so please register for transportation when you register for camp.

Cost: $45, this should be paid by check mailed before or when your camper is  dropped off at the stop.

2019 Camp Bus Transportation Details:


Primary Driver:  Bob McNaughton, cell 928-499-8710

Relief Driver Mark Peapenburg,       cell 928-379-2535

If you have any questions please call.

Sunday  pickup

South pickup point McDonalds at 48th Street and Warner at 12:00pm, leaving by 12:30 pm

North pickup point McDonalds I-17 and Thunderbird at 1:00 pm, leaving by 1:30 pm

Friday  return 

North returns McDonalds I-17 Thunderbird at 1:15pm

South return point McDonalds at 48th Street and Warner at 2:15pm

There will be a sack lunch provided on the return trip. 

Please be prompt. 

Please contact us if you are interested in one-way transportation, or have any further questions.

Camp ALOMA also offers various discounts:


Pay full price for the first camper in the family and take $10 off each additional sibling’s fee.


For every BRAND NEW camper whose registration you send in with in with your own, you’ll get $5 off your camp fee.

Limit of 2 FRIENDS discount per camper.


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