Summer Camp Frequently
Asked Questions

Below are some topics that are frequently asked about.  If you don’t see an
answer to a question you may have, feel free to Office@campaloma.com , or call at 928-778-1690.

How many days long is a regular camp week versus a mini camp

Week long Summer Camps begin
at 3:00 PM Sundays and conclude on Fridays at 11:00 AM

Mini Camps begin on
Sunday at 3;00 PM and conclude on Wednesday at 11:00 AM

Is there transportation available to and from Camp? 

Yes! For a small fee, $45
in 2017, we offer round-trip transportation to and from camp for every
full-week of camp that we offer.
 We do have limited space, so please
register for transportation when you register for camp. 



Primary Driver:  Bob McNaughton,
cell 928-499-8710

Relief Driver Mark Peapenburg,
cell 928-379-2535

If you have any questions please call

Sunday pickup

South pickup point McDonalds at 48th Street
and Warner at 12 noon, leaving by 12:30 pm

North pickup point McDonalds I-17 and Thunderbird at 1 pm, leaving by 1:30 pm

Friday return 

North returns McDonalds I-17 and Thunderbird  1pm

South return point McDonalds at 48th Street
and Warner at 2pm

There will be a sack lunch provided on the return trip. 

Please be prompt 

Please contact us if you are interested
in one-way transportation, or have any further questions.


How is grade level determined? And what are the different cabin levels?

Grade Level is determined by the grade the camper is entering in the Fall of
2018.  If you home school your student, please select the grade that you
think they would fit into better socially.

Can I use a Physical Exam that has already been done for my child?

Yes, but an updated one is required if your child has not had one in the last
two years.

Can I do Mail-in Registration and Deposit Fees?

Although we recommend registering online, you can still download and mail in a copy of our
summer brochure with registration form. Return the completed registration
form along with your non-refundable deposit of $50.00 for all camps. Balances
are due on or before arrival (your deposit applies toward the Camp fee but is
not refundable or transferable.)

Does Camp ALOMA offer any discounts or financial aid?

Early-bird Discounts

Mini Camp: A $10 early-bird
discount is available for campers registering before May 1st.

All Other Camps: A $15 discount is available for campers registering
before May 15st.

Family Discounts

Pay full price for the first camper in the family, and then take $10.00 off each additional brother/sister’s camp
fees.This discount does not apply to Family Camp.

Friendship Team Discounts

For every brand new camper* whose registration you send in with your own youll get $5 off camp fee (limit of 2). *Brand new means that the friend has never been to Camp ALOMA before.

Financial Aid Request:  Contact us at 928-778-1690 or email at Office@camp.com. Fill out form
following directions.

Can my camper choose his/her Cabin Mates?

Campers are placed in cabins according to sex, grade, & then Cabin Mate requests (limit 2).  The Cabin Mate be in the same grade as you. Every effort will be made to honor your request, but on occasion, the situation may prevent us
from doing so. We know that you will understand.

What the camp price cover?

It Covers the cost of staff, program, meals, lodging, secondary accident insurance, registration and health
database fees, camp photo, access to online photo gallery and a camp

What is your policy on problems with bed wetting?

While we require families to that their campers are potty-trained before attending camp, we do not turn away
campers if they are known to have issues with wetting the bed (it is helpful to
know at the beginning of the week if they have been known to have this issue). We have had campers of all age groups who have struggled with this issue. We do our best to handle any bed wetting discreetly and without

Does summer camp qualify as Dependent Care coverage?

Summer Camp qualifies as dependent care
  If you qualify, please contact the Camp office for details.