Virus Prevention Procedures :

ALOMA takes the Health and Safety of our campers and staff seriously. As a children’s camp, we continuously sterilize our facilities against any and all types of viruses. We are currently monitoring the fluid situation and are following all CDC guidelines, as well as tracking ACA recommendations.

  • Temperatures may be taken upon arrival.
  • ALOMA reserves the right to turn away any camper or staff member at the discretion of the Director.
  • The camp will be continuously disinfected, including high use items such as door handles, faucets, light switches, etc.
  • Director will be in contact with Yavapai Medical Center for any questions, concerns, or procedures for how to handle an ill camper.
  • Campers will be required to wash hands for 30seconds prior to all meals
  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the camp.
  • No camper or staff may share food or drink.
  • Camper will be advised to cough or sneeze into the sleeve.
  • Camper will sleep in bunk beds head to toe, not head to head.
  • Use common sense to prevent the spread of germs.
  • All steps in the Communicable Disease Response Plan must be followed.
  • Record all possible illnesses, and any camper or staff members turned away.
  • If any staff member calls off sick, they must show a doctor’s note prior to return.


When driving to Camp, if using GPS, or online map service, we recommend getting directions to Thumb Butte park, and then from there to camp.  This will ensure you are not given directions to camp using the back road, which is less passable. Use the address of 300 Margaret Drive.