ALOMA Moments

These are a collection of individual memories from your time at Camp ALOMA! Click here to share your own ALOMA MOMENT!

  • You know you’re at ALOMA when you think you’re really tan but realize your tan line is just a dirt line from playing outside all day.”
  • “You know when you are at ALOMA when the coldest day of the week is water day”.
  • “My Aloma Moment would have to be when I came to realize how awesome and fun it was to interact with other people and campers! And to just disconnect from the world and get into the Word of God and come to
  • realize how great life really is!”

Upcoming Events


The next Disconnect to Reconnect

April 26th -28th 2019

Have you ever just wanted to get away? To unplug? Unwind? Have a real conversation with your kids? If you are looking for a place to reconnect with God, or your family, or just revitalize your spirit, then ALOMA is here for you!

Families coming up to camp in Prescott to disconnect from the world, put away the cell phones and electronic tools and games (because there is no wifi or cell reception on the camp property) and reconnect as a family with fun activities for a day or a weekend.  Hiking, games, campfires, volleyball, basketball and much more becomes the center of family activities.

Please call or visit to sign up for our next free family weekend.  These weekend events are an ALOMA favorite! Our incredible staff provide awesome activities for the kids and relaxation or devotional time for the adults. Or feel free to create your own camp experience.   

Breakfast is always complimentary and there are many options for lunch and dinner in and around Camp ALOMA. These weekends book up quickly so please schedule while space is still available.  And please remember that the ALOMA experience is always better when shared, so feel free to bring a friend or loved one that may not know ALOMA. We hope that these weekend getaways energize your family, and gets you out of the heat! Call the Camp offcie at 928-778-1690 or email  

Please include family name and the number of adults and children attending.

Explore Arizona

May 3rd-5th 


Come stay at ALOMA while also getting the chance to explore this great state! This year we are headed to BEARIZONA and we would love for you to join us! 2 nights and 4 meals provided by the camp. $114 for adults and $103 for childern 4-12 years old. This covers your meals and the price of admission into the park! Space is limited so RSVP today !