ALOMA Moments

These are a collection of individual memories from your time at Camp ALOMA! Click here to share your own ALOMA MOMENT!

  • You know you’re at ALOMA when you think you’re really tan but realize your tan line is just a dirt line from playing outside all day.”
  • “You know when you are at ALOMA when the coldest day of the week is water day”.
  • “My ALOMA Moment would have to be when I came to realize how awesome and fun it was to interact with other people and campers! And to just disconnect from the world and get into the Word of God and come to
  • realize how great life really is!”

Upcoming Events

 Annual Burger Bash!

June 22nd 2019


Escape the Phoenix heat for the afternoon and join us in the cool pines of Prescott.  The day will  be filled with good food , fun activities, and fellowship . Please let us know if you would like to attend by calling 928-778-1690 or emailing at